24 Oct 2013

Myrtle Beach business incubator celebrates milestone

 Ray Antonino and his business partner have found a way to grow their business, save time and outsmart the competition thanks to CoWork MYR.  ”We are seeing our idea come to life, and that’s priceless,” says Antonino, the COO of ADA Approved. CoWork MYR held a ribbon cutting Thursday to celebrate ADA Approved. They are the first business to be incubated. CoWork MYR helped…

24 Oct 2013
MYRTLE BEACH, SC – One Myrtle Beach business aims to help other businesses grow. Cowork MYR is a place for entrepreneurs to meet and share ideas.
On Thursday, the agency held a ribbon cutting for the company “ADA Approved”, the group makes sure businesses are handicapped accessible and meet the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Cowork MYR serves a place to connect business owners with the services they need to grow…..
15 Oct 2013

New Myrtle Beach start-up announced by end of October

Cowork MYR, a Myrtle Beach organization that aims to get other business off the ground, is officially getting ready to execute its first business. The business concept was dreamt up by Ray Antonino…

5 Sept 2013

Silicon Valley; Redmond, Wash.; Research Triangle Park; and Georgetown. Only one of those communities offers a laid-back attitude with sea breezes and a small-town feel, yet with the high-tech opportunities of the big-name areas. You can put that to the test starting Sept. 27 when Georgetown is the host city for…

14 Aug 2013

Myrtle Beach hosts economic summit

While real economic growth in the U.S. is sluggish, the Myrtle Beach Metropolitan Statistical Area is moving full speed ahead. That was one of the messages that came through loud and clear Tuesday…

2 May 2013

Co-Working gives Telecommuters New Options in Myrtle Beach

Cowork MYR is a new start up that is offering office space for those who telecommute in Myrtle Beach. Co-working brings people working for themselves or different companies together….

26 April 2013

Foursquare and 2013 Foursquare Global Hackathon Winner to Ring the NASDAQ Stock Market Closing Bell

Foursquare will visit the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square in celebration of the success of the 2013 Foursquare Global Hackathon which took place on January 5-7. Foursquare will be joined by the creators of RewardBoard…

4 FEB 2013

Myrtle Beach entrepreneurs hope to build local hub of innovators

Call them the creatives. Paul Reynolds does. That’s his moniker for the collection of entrepreneurs who meet at his Cowork space on 21st Avenue North in Myrtle Beach. You might have heard of a few of them. Mikkel Green and Joe Clarke made headlines…

26 JAN 2013

Myrtle Beach app developers create winner in Foursquare contest

That competition is called a “hackathon,” which sounds like a bad thing to the average person but in tech circles is known as a chance for bright minds to focus intently to create and build a project under a tight deadline. This is the first one…
10 JAN 2013

Smart phone app by Myrtle Beach men could make them smart money

Two Myrtle Beach software developers created a smart phone application that won an international competition this week. The two men made the app just for fun, but now they want to use it to make some money. Joe Clarke is the software guy. Mikkel…
16 DEC 2012

Strength in Numbers

When you tell people you work from home, you are generally met with choruses of jealousy and exclamations of how great it must be. And sometimes it is. But then there are the times when you’re sitting in pajamas in the afternoon,…
27 NOV 2012

New ideas and people connecting: Business as Unusual in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH (WBTW) – Meagan Nowacoski thinks–no, knows–people in the Grand Strand community are capable of some very big ideas. “You can realize your human potential so much from a simple conversation with the right person,” said Nowacoski, a…
12 NOV 2012

Cowork space helps upstarts, entrepreneurs –, Myrtle Beach/Florence SC, Weather

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The tourism and hospitality industries are the backbone of the Grand Strand, and while they bring in a lot of revenue, they don’t leave much room for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Now, one group in Myrtle B…
8 NOV 2012

Cowork MYR opens for new members

For starters, they share the same corporate parent. Cubic Phase Inc. was a company I helped start almost two years ago with the intention of launching TheDigitel Myrtle Beach. Not only was TheDigitel in dire need of an office, but all of the…
3 NOV 2012

Coworking space aims to create community, collaboration in Myrtle Beach

“It’s nice to be able to get out and be motivated to work in a new environment,” Clarke said recently while at Cowork MYR. “Working out of my house or at a coffee shop, it gets old. Here, I get that community aspect and I am getting out of my…
9 OCT 2012

Coworking gives telecommuters options in Myrtle Beach

Cowork MYR is a new start up that is offering office space for those who telecommute in Myrtle Beach. Co-working brings people working for themselves or different companies together in a shared work space. Some at oork MYR on vacation, others are…
1 OCT 2012

Cowork MYR brings e-business ideas together in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH – Joe Clarke has been self-employed for seven years, and for most of that time, he’s worked out of his house. “Seems like it would be an ideal situation, to work from home,” said Clarke, who runs a couple of internet businesses from…
20 AUG 2012

LIVING GREEN for Aug. 23, 2012

How many times have you been to a coffee shop to try to work only to find that all of the plugs are occupied and the best table is next to the rowdy crowd? Then for taking up space, you feel guilty and inclined to purchase one of those $8…
1 JUN 2012

A Den of Disruption… CoWork MYR!

In a city where 2010 headlines ushered in the upside down WonderWorks attraction and added a 200-foot high SkyWheel to its oceanfront promenade, Myrtle Beach could also become home to a “Den of Disruption.” Not to be confused with tourist…