Member Spotlight: Barb Royal,

Barb Royal is Founder of (one of our first Cocelerator companies) as well as a fulltime member at Cowork MYR. Our Member Spotlight showcases our members and allows them express their coworking experience in their own words.

Barb Royal, Kids Can Give Too!When I walked into Cowork MYR in November, I was simply looking for a place to work that didn’t have the daily distractions of a home full of laundry, dishes, and other remnants left behind by my three kids. I needed a spot to concentrate. After all, I was merely weeks away from launching my national startup company,… or so I thought.

At Cowork MYR I found way more than a clean desk and outlet to plug in my laptop. In fact, I came across what I didn’t even know I was looking for – a ready-made, diverse community of support that seemed to be just sitting there waiting for me to walk through the door.

I had been working on my own for so long and had no idea that being around motivated, like-minded people could be so invigorating and productive. My new Coworkers, full of various talents and insight, immediately cheered me on, and gave me a place to bounce my ideas.

Their honest feedback is, by far, the one thing that served me best in those early days at Cowork MYR. As I said, when I first arrived at the space, I thought I was close to launching my startup, but after consulting with my new Coworkers, I realized that was far from true.

They advised me that the new website I had spent ten months developing was not ready to launch and I should consider creating a brand new site, written using more secure and scalable technologies. You’d think that news would knock me to my knees. After all, I had put my heart, soul, and personal money into this company. But, strangely, I didn’t feel that way at all. In fact, I felt the opposite.

For the first time, since I started developing my concept in 2009, I could clearly see the vision and I felt, well…safe. I felt like I had finally found the right people and resources, all under one roof, that could help me create the perfect platform that deserved.

See, that’s one of the best things about Coworking. It surrounds you with people who understand the value of collaboration, and who feel that your success is their success. Just like they were waiting for me, our growing Cowork community of entrepreneurs, website developers, writers, software and hardware specialists, website designers, videographers, artists, and business consultants are ready and waiting for the next person to walk through the door. We thrive on the growth of our community and the talent and new skill sets it brings.

Would ever have found the vehicle for success it needed without Cowork MYR? Maybe. But, my willingness to stick with it until it was right, combined with the community of people I found at Cowork MYR, accelerated it to not only launch, but to launch ready for success. And now I can move forward with confidence knowing I am with people who are reducing my risk simply by being there…coworking.