Get Your Ass To Mars: Making a case for tech startups in Myrtle Beach

Want to stretch your runway and be more productive? Here’s 3 simple steps:

  1. Pack your shit
  2. Get your ass to Myrtle Beach
  3. Join Cowork MYR

“Myrtle Beach?!”
Yes. Well actually, this conversation is applicable to many other seemingly uninhabitable areas (aka “Mars”) that have a Startup Revolution effort and attitude like we do. But I’d prefer you consider Myrtle Beach.

“Myrtle Beach: the little sleepy tourist trap by the sea?”
The one and the same. Hear me out though.

“But…Cowork MYR… your shameless plug repels me.”
Fair enough. But I have some legitimate things to say that may compel you!

First let’s talk about you, Startup Founder.

You’ve decided to take the leap and make a serious go of your idea. You’ve convinced yourself and enough other people that, with just the right infusion of resources, you are capable of materializing something of high and lasting value. That’s not always easy to do. Congratulations for making it this far. From this point on, your commitment is to deliver on your promise of producing this thing of value while strategically navigating and eliminating risk.

Even if fundraising went well for you, it’s highly likely your investors gave you just enough resources to move forward but not so much as to be comfortable. If your priority is to make the most of your capital and give your effort the best possible chance at success, then it makes sense that you evaluate your living and working environment.

What if I told you that it’s possible to significantly reduce your overhead while also improving your quality of life?


Myrtle Beach is a funny place. It’s a little big town. At the core, it’s small enough where you can easily network and become just a couple degrees separated from nearly everyone. The cost of living is extremely favorable and you’re almost always less than 10 minutes from the beach (you can actually walk to the beach from Cowork MYR in about 5 minutes). If you’re from an area that gets lots of ice and snow, you will love our weather. Please don’t just take my word for it, check out the analysis from SocialSci Co-founder and TechStars alum Mike Schroll.

The summer rush of almost 15 million visitors ensures that we have access to many interesting amenities that wouldn’t otherwise be available to an area with similar demographics. Our fiber capacity rivals other large metro areas and our Verizon LTE service is fantastic. Our brand new airport with cheap direct flights to many destinations keeps us accessible. We are a melting pot of residents from all over the United States which make us a little more connected to the outside world than you might think.

The opportunity to make a huge impact locally and regionally is very real. Existing institutions and businesses have generally been very open to collaboration and eager to support our endeavors. There’s certainly a “big fish, small pond” aspect when it comes to technology related efforts. How beneficial that is to your startup depends almost entirely on your attitude: do you see a large void or a blank canvas?

It’s not all roses

I have always known that our biggest hurdles to cultivating a startup culture and economy would be access to high quality investors and talent. Much to my surprise, those challenges are rapidly resolving themselves as we continue growing the Cowork MYR membership and the development of our Cocelerator programs. For the time being, if you’re raising millions of dollars and intend to scale your workforce to 200 people, then you’re better off heading to the Valley.

“But I need to be near a hot startup tech scene.”

First of all: No… you (probably) don’t.

What you need is to get to work building your company’s value. There’s a lot of noise and distraction that swirl around the “hot” scenes. Getting sucked into the scene can feel like you’re really doing something and making progress. Before you know it, you’re falling on the wrong side of the line that divides signal and noise ratio… just talking way more than you’re actually doing.

Most importantly, we actually do have a burgeoning tech scene. There’s enough people orbiting around our little hub here at Cowork MYR to keep you stimulated. You can make a huge impact if you’re willing to collaborate and contribute. We are able to create an environment of our choosing. (Let’s have a hackathon! Let’s create a startup accelerator!) Will there be hundreds of people in attendance? NO! There will be much less than that. And that’s awesome because the people that will be the most engaged and genuine people you will find. Less noise, more signal.

The small and rapidly growing group of people powering the Startup Revolution in Myrtle Beach are skilled, passionate, and brilliant. Join us in our effort to colonize “Mars”