Cowork Myr Members win Foursquare Hackathon and ring NASDAQ closing bell

Cowork Myr members Joe Clarke, Kevin Young and Mikkel Green traveled to New York City this Monday to ring the closing bell at NASDAQ, part of their Grand Prize for winning a national Foursquare Hackathon.


The Reward Board was chosen as the winner of the “hackathon”, a global contest that challenges developers to take an idea from concept to a complete functional product in one weekend, out of 80 international entries. The Reward Board is a self-contained graphical display at a retail location that shows visitors that have recently checked in using the the Foursquare application. Both new and frequent visitors are rewarded at checkin with dynamically printed coupons. Managers can specify many parameters to control the discounts and when the coupons are printed.

The members share the Cowork MYR space however this is the first time The Reward Board team members have worked directly together on a project. Cowork MYR regularly hosts similar events to encourage collaboration and explore new opportunities.

The Reward Board ringing NASDAQ closing bell
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