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Georgetown Startup Weekend: In retrospect

CoworkMYR collaborated with the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and the Alliance for Economic Development for Georgetown County since Spring 2013 to bring Georgetown Startup Weekend to the Grand Strand the weekend of September 27th 2013. Friday night attendees gathered at Winyah Auditorium in Georgetown, SC. There were over 60 people who participated or visited throughout over the weekend. Participants covered a […]

Cowork MYR partners to bring 1st Startup Weekend to SC-Georgetown, SC

Startup Weekends are weekend-long, hands-on experiences where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if startup ideas are viable. Startup Weekend is an International Non-Profit Organization that has hosted over 1,000 events in more than 478 cities. The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and the Alliance for the Economic Development of Georgetown County were looking for […]

Get Your Ass To Mars: Making a case for tech startups in Myrtle Beach

Want to stretch your runway and be more productive? Here’s 3 simple steps: Pack your shit Get your ass to Myrtle Beach Join Cowork MYR “Myrtle Beach?!” Yes. Well actually, this conversation is applicable to many other seemingly uninhabitable areas (aka “Mars”) that have a Startup Revolution effort and attitude like we do. But I’d prefer you […]

Foursquare Hackathon Success – NASDAQ Grand Prize!

Myrtle Beach area app developers gathered this weekend to participate in a “hackathon”, a global contest that challenges developers to take an idea from concept to a complete functional product in one weekend. The 2 projects submitted were GFScale and The Reward Board. On Tuesday afternoon, NASDAQ and Foursquare selected The Reward Board out of 80 […]

Intro to Git & GitHub

Whether it’s code, artwork, or documents… most creatives deal with files. Have you ever made a change to a file only to regret it later? Have you created multiple versions of the same file just by using different filenames? What about when you are sharing and working on a file with someone else? A brief […]

Let’s try something unusual

Traditional networking events in Myrtle Beach aren’t pretty typical. Usually, it’s a happy hour affair where people tend to gravitate towards familiar faces and trade business cards. In short, it’s not terribly inspiring or productive. Business As Unusual aims to change that. Through a loosely structured format of conversation and presentation, Business As Unusual is […]

iPhone 5 dock & MakerBot Replicator

Living on the bleeding edge of technology has its perks. You get to have your friends ogle at say, your new iPhone 5. But the caveat of getting the latest and greatest stuff is there a lot of things that you always used before with your old device just isn’t yet available for the new […]

WordPress Users Group kicks off

WordPress has become an extremely popular platform for both personal and business websites. Like many parts of the world, more and more Myrtle Beach area marketing agencies and businesses run on WP. With such an active interest, there is an overwhelming amount of information and choices when it comes to getting the most out of […]

3D Printing at Cowork MYR with DomeCandy

DomeCandy is an awesome company located in the Myrtle Beach area that wanted to add some functionality to one of their custom BoomBoxes but didn’t have the time or money to prototype and then pay for a completed component, but that’s where the power of Cowork MYR comes in. We are the area’s first and […]