Cowork MYR has been created to establish a collaborative community of really smart and talented people. Cowork MYR exists to be the physical hub of innovation and entrepreneurialism with the primary goal of diversifying and growing the local economy. We fully subscribe to the Coworking Manifesto.

What we are is a centrally located space that offers a variety of working areas for individuals and offers all of the amenities of a modern office. Most of the area is open seating designed to encourage collaboration and be flexible in use. We have areas for occasional privacy including a sealed phone call room and conference spaces. Our current floor plan can accommodate over 30 simultaneous workers. Because of the flexible membership options, we can support a much larger participating membership. We also have access to a separate presentation area that can be reserved to accommodate around 40 people.

What makes Myrtle Beach a suitable location for start-ups and entrepreneurs?
That’s a totally fair question because for many people the answer is not obvious.

The key is realizing that many of these endeavors are people oriented. Many technology start-ups and businesses can exist anywhere with connectivity but they can’t exist at all without people. These future leaders and innovators are looking for a place to live with amenities that stimulates their driving creative spirit while providing a high quality of life. The Myrtle Beach area offers outstanding telecommunications infrastructure along with coastal living at a below average cost. The key missing piece is a workspace that rivals the larger city office environments that serves as a hub for the local start-up culture.

We are members of the Grand Strand Technology Council, Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation, and Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

Cowork MYR is owned and operated by Cubic Phase Inc., a Myrtle Beach corporation.